Our Story

Wishing wellness

Wishing Wellness est. 2011 was founded by Clinical Paediatric Psychologist, Leorah Kagan whose vision and dream was to create a unique child and family therapy clinic in Melbourne with a multidisciplinary team of specialists passionate about providing holistic assessments and interventions for children and their families.

The first clinic was in McKinnon.  It was a child-focused clinic in a homely setting.  As the clinic rapidly grew, Wishing Wellness sought a new home.

In 2015, Wishing Wellness moved to its new space in Malvern and with it sprouted a new offshoot clinic, ‘Spectrum Autism’ for kids.  Leorah Kagan commenced her career in 2002, working with autistic children and their families, providing ABA therapy, psychological intervention and group therapy and felt the need to provide more specialised assessments and services for children and their families.  The two clinics were in operation from Malvern for many years until the third clinic arrived on the 13th August 2019….
A blend of the two clinics with a focus on neuro-harmony  …. ‘A spectrum of wellness for children and their families’.
Leorah felt the two clinics were not mutually exclusive and did not reflect the neuro diverse needs of clients at both clinics.

The Wishing Wellness hub is designed as an enchanted garden for all children and their families, meeting the diverse needs of all. 

Leorah has recently become accredited as a children’s yoga instructor, a hypnotherapist and is completing a degree in naturopathy.

The new clinic fosters neuro harmony and wellness for all, and the journey has just commenced.

Our beautiful new enchanted forest / garden of Eden, has been specifically created so that children feel they are in a natural, comfortable setting, sitting on grass, surrounded by rainbows, flowers and plants, and sensory-sensitive.
An enchanted space that can nourish all flowers (children) within their natural environment.
A space for growth, a space to build supports and tribes, an enchanted space for all.
No two flowers are alike or require the same conditions or supports, and no flower grows in isolation.  A rose can never be a sunflower, an d a sunflower can never be a rose, all flowers are beautiful in their own way…

Wishing Wellness now has a new logo, a blend between the previous logos from the Wishing Wellness and Spectrum Autism clinics.

Embracing the child and nurturing the family … at Wishing Wellness”. Leorah Kagan 2019