Everyone has a right to feel safe. Bullying is a deliberate and repeated attempt at hurting, scaring or excluding someone. It can take many forms including, physical, emotional, or cyber-bullying. Bullying can lead to anxiety and depression and affect children’s academic performance and social and family relationships. Nowadays, bullying does not only occur face-to-face but also behind screens through a variety of social media. This is an easier option for most bullies. Children and adolescents can bully other children and adolescents without even speaking to them or meeting up with them personally. This is very concerning. Wishing Wellness teaches parents about electronic media and social media use of this generation, how to monitor, teach children appropriate social media use, and cyber safety. Practitioners at Wishing Wellness also work with children on understanding why people bully others, the power differential, the Bystander Effect, as well teach bully busting techniques to empower them to manage challenging social situations as they move through primary and high school. Assertiveness training, negotiation techniques, and conflict resolution are key components.

• School refusal
• Withdrawal
• Sensitive
• Angry outbursts
• Sleep issues
• Worries
• Solitary play
• Lack of friendships and play invitations