Managing feelings and behaviours is called ‘self-regulation’. Parents model self-regulation to their children and can help guide and support their developing children learn how to self-regulate. Children who self-regulate tend to have strong relationships with others, are able to learn, are more resilient when dealing with disappointments and the normal stresses of life. Over time, children learn to self-regulate without the presence of an adult. Children learn that they CAN cope with life stressors and move on. Self-regulation of feelings is one of the most challenging parts of emotional development. Self-regulation may take the form of externalizing behaviours (tantrums, hitting, throwing self to the ground, screaming..), or internalizing behaviours (worries, anxiety, sensitive, withdrawn..). At Wishing Wellness, practitioners work with both parents and children giving them strategies to help them learn to self-regulate and therefore feel empowered to cope with stresses as they arise in their lives.