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Leorah Kagan:

Leorah Kagan, Director & Clinical Paediatric Psychologist, has over 17 years experience in the private sector.  Leorah works very closely with children, parents and families using a holistic approach, including nutritional advice and natural therapies, together with CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, play & art therapy.  Leorah has further training in Naturopathy and is an accredited children’s yoga instructor and Hypnotherapist.  She runs the Rainbow Tribe yoga-based social skills group for primary-school aged children at the clinic.  Leorah has a special interest in assessment, diagnosis and intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, and works with children from 2 years of age through to early adulthood.  

Leorah is passionate about assisting children from separated families to have a ‘voice’ in decisions that directly affect them.  Leorah facilitates child-inclusive Mediation.

There are a number of other paediatric psychologists, educational & developmental psychologists, clinical psychologists, and educational specialists practicing at Wishing Wellness.


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