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Rainbow Tribe 

Rainbow Tribe is a yoga and Mindfulness-based skills group for primary school-aged children, with a focus on social skills, emotion regulation and anxiety management.  Contact reception for more information.  

** limited spaces available.




Parent, Child & Teenage Psychologists In Melbourne

Wishing Wellness is a specialist clinic that provides therapy for children, adolescents, young adults, parents and families.

Psychologists and other practitioners at Wishing Wellness work from the child and adolescent’s perspective to assist parents and families deal with some of the most difficult challenges, helping parents feel more empowered to manage their children and raise happy, confident, independent and resilient adults.  They work with the child or adolescent within a family system, using holistic assessment techniques and a wide variety of therapies including, art therapy, play therapy, behaviour modification, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), ACT, Mindfulness, family therapy, hypnosis, nutritional & natural therapies.

Wishing Wellness has specialist psychologists for who work with mothers and fathers adjusting and transitioning into parenthood, dealing with antenatal and perinatal anxiety and depression, and dealing with sleep and settling issues.

Wishing Wellness provides a broad range of services, including the assessment and diagnosis of a variety of disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitive & educational assessments, social skills groups, adolescent groups, stress management groups, anxiety management groups, parenting workshops and support groups.


“The past is history, the future a mystery, and today a gift. That’s why it’s called the PRESENT!”

Bil Keane

Let Wishing Wellness give you and your family the gift of happiness…. Today!